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video director and editor

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12 Free Characters

Objects and layers are named.

Here is a group of 12 characters that I created in illustrator. They are full vector objects so you can easily recolor, re-scale, redraw them. I created these as flat characters so you only have the front facing view. If you want to take a look and see how I used them, watch the video. In the video I also discuss how you can make some of these yourself, and how to take full advantage of this set for your own projects. 

From AI to AE

I also used the “release to layers” function in Illustrator so that when you import into AE you end up with a comp. In that comp you will see a list of layers that correspond to the different body or clothing parts. You can import and quick get to animating.

Layers in Illustrator next yo the layers in After Effects.

Easily change the color of any object.

The Full Cast

Below is a full list of the characters included in this pack. Quick note: the "Old Man on Bench" in the bottom right comes with a newspaper as well. Watch the video above to see how I used the newspaper. 

Free To Use

This pack is free to download and free to use for personal and even commercial use. No credit is needed, but I wouldn't mind it either :) If you want to share your project I would love to see what you use these for.