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video director and editor

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5 Steps To Going Viral On Youtube

I know your true desires. I know what keeps you up at night. You want to create the next Gungman Style, or big viral video. Well, it's not that hard people! There's a formula to this, and my Voto Studios cohort  has unlocked the secrets! Never mind that as of today, he's only got 4 subscribers. And who cares if he's only got 39 views on this video. It's clear that he has his finger on the pulse of virality. Let's hope a guy named Charlier bites one of his fingers soon. 

All Things Voto - Episode 1

Vincent and I are starting a weekly show to talk about our current creative projects. We have a lot of stuff we want to release soon, so take a listen and watch us chew the rag for a good half hour. If it's too boring for you, then you're not the demo. We're looking to target the "paint drying watchers" community. 

The Nothing App

Have you heard of The Nothing App? Well, for those of you that haven't I went ahead and created a video that tells all. I would like to thanks Jake Chapman for letting me create a promo for his app. If you have a second please check out the website and scroll to the bottom: